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Screening During Pregnancy

Lab Tests

1st visit Urine Pregnancy Test
  Urine Culture
  Routine prenatal lab (including CBC, Hepatitis B titer, HIV test, syphilis screen & rubella immunity
  Pap smear (when indicated)
  GC/Chlamydia screening (when indicated)
  Cystic Fibrosis screening (when indicated)
  Sickle Cell screening (when indicated)
10-12 weeks Chronic villi sampling (when indicated)
15-20 weeks AFP Tetra test (optional)
  Amniocentesis (when indicated)
24-28 weeks 1 hour glucose challenge test 
  Hemoglobin count (to check for anemia)
34-36 weeks Beta Strep Culture

Sonogram, Biophysical Profile

OB sonograms are ordered by your physician on an individual basis.  These tests can be done at our Sante Fe or Southridge offices and can usually be scheduled to coincide with your office visits.

Non-Stress Tests

Non-stress tests are scheduled when indicated.

Nuchal Translucency Screening

This ultrasound exam must be done between 11-14 weeks (ideally at 12 weeksand provides additional screening to measure the risk of down syndrome, trisomy 18 or other chromosomal problems.

Level II Sonogram

A Level II sonogram may be ordered when indicated.

Childbirth Classes

Classes are offered at all area hospitals.  Contact your hospital for more information.

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