Pregnancy Information

Congratulations on your pregnancy

This information is designed to acquaint you with the “ins and outs” of our practice and to address some of the common questions that typically arise during pregnancy.  We are committed to providing safe and satisfying care to you and your growing family. 

First Prenatal Visit

During your initial visit you will have a pelvic exam.  Your provider will discuss the benefits of prenatal vitamins and either give you a prescription or help you select an over-the-counter vitamin.  Your provider will give you and overview of a normal pregnancy, discuss possible signs of pregnancy problems, and answer any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy and future delivery.

Prenatal laboratory testing, including an HIV test, will be performed during your first visit.  Our office nursing stall will draw your specimen.  You will be given the option to have an HIV test.  The HIV test is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  We agree with this recommendation.  Cystic Fibrosis and Sickle Cell screening is also offered when indicated.

You will receive an obstetrical information packet.  Please read this carefully.  We have tried to address common concerns and questions.  Unanswered questions can be addressed during your visits.  At the end of this visit, you will be asked to return in approximately 4 weeks or sooner if deemed necessary for a follow up appointment.

Schedule of Routine Obstetrical Visits



At each of your pregnancy visits, you will be asked to leave a urine sample that is checked for sugar and protein.  When leaving your specimen, please remember to write your name on the collection cup.  You should do this directly after you have checked in with the receptionist so that the nursing staff may have the results for your provider during your exam.  If you have symptoms of a urinary tract infection, please let the staff know prior to giving your specimen, because a clean catch specimen is required.

Your nurse will check your weight and blood pressure during each visit.  During your exam, your provider will discuss your pregnancy progess.  As always, we welcome the chance to answer any questions you may have regarding this special time in your life.

Labor Instructions

  • When your contractions are 5 minutes apart for at least 1 hour and they are painful, please call our office at 913-384-4990.
  • If your water breaks or you think your water has broken, please call our office.
  • If you pass the mucous plug, there is no need to call.
  • If you have heavy vaginal bleeding, please call our office.

Post Partum Visit

This visit is usually scheduled 2 weeks after a c-section and 4-6 weeks after a vaginal delivery.

Childbirth Classes

Classes are offered at all area hospitals. Contact your hospital for more information.