Lifestyle Changes To Make For A Healthy Pregnancy

Your dream of having a family is finally coming true. You are a smart and healthy woman, and know clearly what you should avoid during pregnancy like smoking, drinking, and illegal drugs. At the same time, now would be a good time to review some other lifestyle changes to make for a healthy pregnancy.

Work Towards A Healthy Weight

If you happen to be overweight or even obese, your weight can affect your blood sugar and raise the chances of developing diabetes. This can also increase the risk of health defects in your developing baby.

By starting at a healthy weight, it is easier to track how much weight you should safely gain during your pregnancy. Talk with Women’s Care concerning your own weight and what you should do to reach that safe point.

Some recommendations for how much weight you should gain include the following:

pregnant woman drinking a green smoothiePregnancy is exciting, but making sure that you’re having a healthy pregnancy is the most important thing. Here are some lifestyle changes you can make!

  • Underweight gain 28 – 40 pounds
  • Normal weight gain 25 – 35 pounds
  • Overweight gain 15 – 25 pounds
  • Obese gain 11 -20 pounds

Begin Prenatal Vitamins

Look for vitamins that will help your iron and folic acid needs. The right ones will help you develop new blood cells during your pregnancy that are beneficial for both you and your developing baby.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

Look especially for foods rich in folate. Lentils, pinto and black beans, spinach, asparagus, and citrus are loaded with needed folate for you and your baby.

Calcium, foods with Vitamin C, Greek yogurt, eggs, salmon, shrimp, and fortified grains are all beneficial foods to add to your diet.

It is also better to eat 5 – 6 smaller meals a day at this time, and ALWAYS eat breakfast.

Drink Water

Even if you regularly hydrate, it is best to drink as much water as possible. During pregnancy your blood volume increases and you need to offset that change with additional water. Add lemon or mint to your water to vary the taste, and set your goal at 2.4 liters per day.

Have A Sit Down With Women’s Care To Review Your Chronic Conditions

Now is the time to totally understand your own chronic conditions and how they may affect you and your developing baby. Discuss your medications and if anything should be changed during this time. Diabetes, heart conditions, and high blood pressure are all serious conditions that should be monitored and managed during pregnancy.

Other Important To Do’s

  • See your dentist for a thorough dental cleaning and checkup.
  • Get on an exercise regimen to begin now and continue through birth
  • Do kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  • Be sure to get your flu shot or any other vaccines you may need
  • Do what you can to control stress

Make this the happiest and healthiest time of your life with a few lifestyle changes!

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