Practicing Self Care After Giving Birth

You have accomplished a miraculous thing. You grew a baby inside your body for nine months, and then gave birth to a healthy new human being. Think about that! Yes, millions of women have done that for centuries, but now you did it. Take a breath and settle into an entirely new life by practicing self care after giving birth.

relaxing with a book and coffee for postpartum careSelf Care Is Taking Your Time

Don’t get wrapped up in social media and think that the new mommy pictures are reality. Nobody bounces right back from childbirth, and nor should you. Take your time and bond with your new little one. 

Whatever you do, do not compare yourself to the media hype or even friends who just gave birth. Give your body time to heal, your emotions time to adjust, and allow time for you and your baby to bond. Be yourself and connect with motherhood and your baby. That is your primary goal after childbirth. Known as postpartum, that time period is different for every woman. Maybe it’s six weeks or maybe it’s 6 months. Whatever you need, cherish it.

Talk with Women’s Care in Shawnee Mission and Overland Park if you have concerns or are experiencing signs of postpartum depression

Self Care Is Finding You Again

Pregnancy was all about the baby 24/7. You read books, went to seminars, listened to relatives and friends give advice. Now that your baby is here, yes, you need to focus on his or her needs and growth. But give yourself a break.

Pencil in time just for you—time for relaxing with a bath, a book, or doing something you love. Carve out a special place for you to unwind. After all, you are a new mother, but you are also still YOU.

Self Care Is Respecting Your Body

There is a time for rest after giving birth, but there is also a time for you to begin some minimal exercise. It will help you regain any strength you lost, flexibility, endurance, and even correcting any change in your posture. Carrying weight in your abdomen can affect your posture and lead to lower back pain.

After childbirth you may have difficulty with your pelvic muscles. Use this guide to do Kegel exercises here.

Take your little one out for a walk and search for special places you enjoy. Don’t forget to eat healthy meals.

Talk with Women’s Care during your postpartum appointment about the best types of exercise for you and when to start.

Self Care Is Asking for Help

Whenever you need it, ask for help from your partner, friends, and relatives, and… don’t feel guilty.

Contact Women’s Care at (913) 384-4990 if you are having issues with mood or with anything else concerning you.